ZIPPO 打火機 (Dancing Turtle)

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打火機附了一張”使用說明書” :

Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley designed Terrapin Station in 1976. The turtles seen dancing in front of a miniature railroad station on the album cover, were inspired by German artist Heinrich Kley. Dancing turtles is one of a selection of Stanley Mouse’s greatest designs, captured in bold colorful graphics on the pocket-sized canvas of a Zippo windproof lighter. The art of Stanley Mouse will last for years. The Zippo lighter is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

大意如下 :

Stanley Mouse (美國藝術家) 和 Alton Kelley (美國藝術家) 在 1976 年設計了 Terrapin Station (龜鱉車站)。專輯封面是烏龜在小型火車站前面跳舞,靈感來自德國插畫家 Heinrich Kley。跳舞烏龜是 Stanley Mouse 眾多偉大設計品之一,圖案用在 Zippo 防風打火機,只有口袋大小的尺寸上,圖案用色大膽,Stanley Mouse 的藝術還會持續數年,Zippo 打火機終身可用。

德國插畫家 Heinrich Kley 所畫的原稿
Terrapin Station (龜鱉車站) 是 Grateful Dead 在 1977/07/27 發行的錄音室作品,Billboard 專輯排行榜最高 28 名。